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International Conference Rooms

International conference Rooms  image photo

Gorgeous design and enhanced conference functions with well-equipped facilities

The deluxe International Conference Room is the perfect venue for an international conference. Six simultaneous interpretation booths and advanced conference functions make this hall worthy of hosting a multitude of conferences. Overlooking Oasis Square, a park lush with trees through the large and bright window, the room is designed for comfort.


Theater style336 seats

Horseshoe style136 seats




  • Meetings and lectures
  • Ceremonies
 Photo of International conference Rooms

International conference rooms

 Photo of lobby


 Photo of simultaneous interpretation room

Simultaneous interpretation room

 Photo of guest room

Guest room

Room fees

Rental Specifications
Morning 9:00-12:00 88,200
Afternoon 13:00-17:00 117,600
Morning + Afternoon 9:00-17:00 181,900
Evening 18:00-21:30 102,900
Afternoon + Evening 13:00-21:30 196,600
All day 9:00-21:30 245,000
Extension per half hour 19,600
Unit: yen
  • If the management judges that an extension of rental time is unavoidable and finds no operational hindrances, extension will be permitted.
  • The room fees above include the cost of air-conditioning.
  • It is not possible to rent the time between 12:00 and 13:00, or between 17:00 and 18:00 individually.

Venue Information



Area 500m² (20-24×20m, fan-shaped)
Ceiling height 7-9.4 m
Theatre style capacity 336 seats
Horseshoe style capacity 136 seats
6 simultaneous interpretation booths
Lighting battens and tool battens
Screen Width 9.3m × Height 8.5m
Audio-visual and lighting control room
3 anterooms 1 (for VIPs), 2 (for event coordinators)

Equipment fees

Item Unit Fee(Yen) Remarks
Stage equipment Portable stage 1 unit 1,500 2.4×1.2m(H0.4 or 0.6m)
Lighting equipment Spotlight 1 set 380 500W
Audio equipment Microphone(A) 1 unit 1,350 with stand
Microphone(B) 1 unit 900 with stand
Wireless microphone 1 unit 3,000 without stand
Microphone stand 1 unit 450
Bounce speaker 1 unit 900
Stand speaker 1 unit 900
Tape recorder 1 unit 1,300 DAT
CD player 1 unit 1,300
Resonator 1 unit 600
Intrecom 1 unit 450
Projector 1 unit 40,000
Visual equipment Slide projector (B) 1 unit 3,000 Xenon 750W
Slide projector (C) 1 unit 2,700 Halogen 450W/400W
Slide projector (D) 1 unit 1,200 Xenon 250W
Projector for previewing 1 unit 300 Twin Cabin 300W
Overhead projector(B) 1 unit 1,500 OHP, metal halide 575W
Screen (A) 1 unit 3,000 9.3×8.5m, Electric
Screen (B) 1 unit 1,500 2.9×2.1m, Self-erecting
Screen (C) 1 unit 900 2.1×2.1m, Tripod
Slide tray 1 piece 150 Carousel
Laser pointer 1 piece 600
Fiber optic transmitter 1 set 30,000 For transmitting AV between facilities
General equipment Partition 1 unit 450 H2100
Notice board 1 unit 530 W1800
Whiteboard 1 unit 1,050 W1800
Desk light 1 unit 150
SI Simultaneous interpretation equipment 1 set 20,000
Receiver 1 unit 400
Power unit(10kW capacity) 1,500 According to capacity required
  • The above fees apply to a single usage period. The fee is doubled if equipment is used during both the morning and afternoon periods.
  • Each item is available in limited numbers.

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