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Event Hall

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Space and height allow for creative and inspiring presentations.

The Event Hall is designed to accommodate all kinds of events, including exhibitions, parties, and fashion shows. Measuring approximately 49×40×22 meters (w×d×h), the spacious hall accommodates even large-scale three-dimensional displays. Fully equipped with two elevating stages, wall-retractable movable seats, a ceiling suspension system, and a full range of sound and lighting equipment, the hall makes it possible to hold creative events with impressive stage effects.


Theater style1,480 seats

Classroom style828 seats

Buffet1,800 persons




  • Exhibitions
  • Fighting event
  • Fashion show
 Photo of Event Hall

Event Hall

 Photo of Martial Arts Event

Martial Arts Event

 Photo of Event Hall with stage

Event Hall with stage

Room fees

Rental Specifications Profit Non Profit
Morning 9:00-12:00 207,700 155,800
Afternoon 13:00-17:00 276,900 207,700
Morning + Afternoon 9:00-17:00 428,300 321,200
Evening 18:00-22:00 276,900 207,700
Afternoon + Evening 13:00-22:00 490,200 367,600
All day 9:00-22:00 600,000 450,000
Extension per half hour 46,200 34,600
Unit: yen
  • The end of the rental period for the Event Hall is 22:00.
  • If the management judges that an extension of rental time is unavoidable and finds no operational hindrances, extension will be permitted.
  • An additional fee for and electricity and water may be charged. The room fees above include the cost of air-conditioning
  • It is not possible to rent the time between 12:00 and 13:00, or between 17:00 and 18:00 individually.

Venue Information



Area 1,920m² (48m×40m)
Ceiling height 22m
Wall-retractablemovable seats 960 (480×2)
Theater style capacity 1,480 seats (with side stage)
Classroom style capacity 828 seats (with side stage)
Buffet capacity 1,800 persons (with side stage)
Elevating stages Center stage 10×10m, height 0-1.2m
Side stage 10×19.5m, height 0-1.2m
Ceiling suspension system
Floor load 5 tons/m² (350kg/m² over stages)
Loading entrance Width 4.8m, height 3.9m (expandable to 6.4m)
Floor Painted concrete
Sound control room
Lighting control room
5 anterooms
2 greenrooms (B1)
Common pits for electricity gas and water 6 rows under the floor
Power 3φ3 W 210 V 30 KVA×4, 3φ4 W 182/105 V 30 KVA×2 45 KVA×2, 240 KVA×1

Equipment fees

Item Unit Fee(Yen) Remarks
Stage equipment Center stage 1 unit 10,000 10.0×10.0m
Side stage 1 unit 10,000 10.0×19.5m
Mobile stepped seats 1 unit 12,000 480 seats
Audio equipment Cassette deck 1 unit 1300
CD player 1 unit 1300
Mian speaker 1 set 1,000
Center speaker 1 set 1,000
Stage speaker 1 unit 650
Bounce speaker 1 unit 600
Microphone(A) 1 unit 900 with stand
Microphone(B) 1 unit 600 with stand
Wireless microphone 1 unit 5000 without stand
Microphone stand 1 unit 300
Income 1 unit 300
General equipment Desk 1 unit 100
Chair 1 unit 100
Whiteboard 1 unit 700
Power unit(10kW capacity) 1,500
Lighting equipment Set A 1 set 45,000 Spotlights(1.5kW 40 units)
Spotlights(1.0kW 50 units)
Acting area spotlights(1.0kW 50 units)
Upper horizon lights
Lower horizon lights
Set B 1 set 30,000 Spotlights(1.5kW 30 units)
Spotlights(1.0kW 30 units)
Acting area spotlights(1.0kW 25 units)
Upper horizon lights
Lower horizon lights
Set C 1 set 10,000 Spotlights(1.5kW 10 units)
Spotlights(1.0kW 10 units)
Acting area spotlights(1.0kW 10 units)
Upper horizon lights
Lower horizon lights
Pin spotlight 1 unit 2000 3.0kW
Spotlight 1 unit 750 1.5kW
Spotlight 1 unit 500 1.0kW
Upper horizon lights 1 unit 250 500W
Lower horizon lights 1 unit 250 500W
Lower horizon lights 1 unit 200 300W
Acting area spotlight 1 unit 500 1.0kW
B-Max light 1 set 1,200 1.0kW
High-quality cutter light 1 unit 500 ITO650W
Electronic crossbar for auxiliary control console 1 set 13,000
  • The above fees apply to a single usage period. The fee is doubled if equipment is used during both the morning and afternoon periods.
  • Each item is available in limited numbers.

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